Management Services

5.5% management fee
  • Consistent monitoring and maintenance of your property
  • Inspection of your property every 3–6 months and we will provide you with a detailed report of the inspection
  • Arrange inspections for prospective tenants and obtain tenancy references
  • Select tenants to enter into and sign residential tenancy agreements
  • Collection of rents and ensure that tenants do not fall into arrears
  • Thorough documentation of all matters relating to your property
  • A month-end statement showing all income received and disbursements with all original documents and invoices attached
  • A year-end statement consolidating all transactions for the year to help you and your accountant do your tax with ease 
  • Respond to all and any correspondence relating to the property, on your behalf
  • Liaising with tenants and tradespersons for maintenance issues
  • Arrangement and supervise maintenance, with on-going updates to you
  • Compliance in relation to property management, tenants, your property and with privacy regulations
  • Where applicable – calculation and collection of water and sewerage usage charges
  • Processing insurance claims, including valuations for insurance purposes. If there is damage, photos will be taken and included with the claim
  • Arranging connections/disconnection for utilities for tenants
  • Make claims for the refund of bond monies, having considered any rent owed and the state of the premises at the end of each tenancy
  • Respond to any hearing applications by tenants and represent the principal (you) before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)
  • Maintain and abide current by-laws of buildings in which your property is in
  • Conducting outgoing inspections and condition reports for your information

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